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In Uncle Sam’s own words…
“I was born at Srogbe, a small town in the Anlo region of Ghana. After my primary and middle schools there, I left for Accra, the capital. After two years of doing various jobs I entered the Methodist Training College at Aburi and qualified as a teacher. I then taught at the Methodist Primary School, Bawjiase, in the Central region for three years.
After doing my 'O' and 'A' levels as a private candidate, I gained admission to the University of Ghana, Legon, where I studied Economics and Statistics.
After a year’s National Service at the Nifa Secondary School, Adukrom, I left for Nigeria. Again, I taught at the Ijebu-Jesha Secondary School, then in the Oyo State, until 1983 when I left for the United Kingdom to study accountancy.
I was Choice FM's Accountant for 12 years from 1991 until May 2004 when the station was taken over by Capital Group, as well as being Presenter of African Beats since May 2000. Don’t ask me which one I enjoyed most because you know the answer!”

Uncle Sam explains his Music Policy...
“It is my ambition to make the African Beats show one of the most listened to shows at Choice FM by appealing to all Africans and also to all lovers of African music through music. Hence my selections reflect the broad spectrum of African music, subject and of course to me having the music.
I follow a rotation policy to ensure that every region can have the chance to hear ‘their’ music.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for listening to my show, and as I often say:

Without you there, there is no show

So, please pass the word around and help in the promotion of the great sounds that African music produces.
You’ll love it….”